What is an H1B Visa, and How do You get one ?

The H1B visa program is the main work visa / permit for the USA – for degree educated and skilled professionals.

I can talk first-hand about the H1B visa because I’ve personally been through the process of obtaining one, plus I’ve worked as a hiring manager at a large US Corporation and was in charge of hiring Foreign Nationals for the Company using the H1B visa and also other work visa programs.  So I’ve experienced the H1B from both sides.

If You want an H1B visa, there’s a few core things you need to have, need to know, need to do, and need to be careful about.

1) You need to ‘qualify’ for an H1B visa through education and/or work experience. Normally you need at least a Bachelor degree. H1B visas are mainly for skilled jobs and professions in STEM – Science, Tech, Engineering and Math (Finance).

2) You need to go through the process of getting recruited and hired by a US Company – first.
Nobody can apply for / obtain an H1B visa without first having an employment offer from a US Company.
That means you Must find a Company who is willing to sponsor you, employ you, and file an H1B visa application for you.

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Important factors that surround your opportunity, and your time-frame to obtain an H1B Visa.

US Immigration only makes available and only issues a total of 85,000 H1B visas per year.

And, AFTER you’ve managed to get recruited and hired, the US Company who is willing to sponsor and employ you – can only file for your H1B visa in the 1st week of April. Yep, that’s it, April is the only time of the year that H1B’s can be filed.

So, let’s back track and take a closer look at the overall process and what’s required in terms of time-frames for what has to happen:
1) April is when US Companies can file H1B visas for Foreign nationals they have pre-recruited and selected.
2) That means you have to get recruited and obtain an employment offer long before April, because there’s US Immigration paperwork and documents that have to be filed first.

– April is filing time.
– March is paperwork and document preparation time.
– February back to September is when US Companies recruit and select candidates for H1B visa job offers.

That’s it, September to February; 6 months is the only time of the whole year that Companies recruit for H1B visa candidates. If you don’t get successfully recruited and obtain a job offer in that time-frame you have to wait another year.

April is the only time of year a US Company can apply for and file an H1B Visa. If a US Company doesn’t file for your H1B visa in April, you have to wait another year until the following April to file. That’s the US Immigration laws, processes and regulations for  the H1B visa program.

US Immigration is very strict and everything has to be done 100% correctly to actually get an H1B visa application approved and issued. It’s not just a case of file one and get it. There’s a ‘lot’ more too it, so please take a few minutes to read some of the related H1B Visa posts and discussion, and always feel free to ask any questions on any posts – in the comments section at the bottom of the relevant post.

Thanks and we wish you the greatest success!

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