Covid 19 – Latest List of Companies still Hiring


Covid 19 – Latest List of Companies still Hiring


While being house-bound, bored (and feeling like we were going a little insane) during the pandemic; a couple of my friends and I started to spend some time researching around the web and company websites to see if we could find and compile a central list of companies that were still hiring during these worrying and uncertain times. It’s an ongoing piece of research work that we’ll be updating reguarly, and hopefully it might be of some help and benefit to you or someone you know, or hopefully many people sharing so we can all band together during this time of need and all help as many people as possible.

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Thank you

After being one of the covid-related layoffs recently, I truly appreciate all the help I can get in any shape or form, and you and your friends have been a great extra help and glimmering light at the end of tunnel. You're amazing inspiration and every little bit helps right now, thank you!!


Wow, what wonderful people you and your friends are for going a few extra steps to try to help others in this dark time of worry and need. I wish you all the best and I'll share this with my friends and connections. Great resource, thanks a lot

very good of you, thanks!

thank you for doing the initial ground work and taking time to provide this target list

Thanks Stephanie, it's a great help and appreciate you and your friends spending time researching companies and putting the list together to help others . Stay safe, and kudos to you!