As the Covid 19 pandemic continues to disrupt just about everything we ever knew or did in life
and has unfortunately left millions of people around the world unemployed and worried about what the future holds.

Although many companies are freezing hiring and laying off workers, many others are seeing growth during these times.
For those that have been laid off and for those who are seeking a job change due to uncertainty, there is a glimpse of hope and positivity.

Thanks to one of our great members on Joberator; Stephanie Watkins and her friends, they have been spending their spare time
searching and researching trying to find companies that are still hiring, and they have started to compile a list.
Their efforts to help others is inspiring and you can get FREE access to the list here which they are continually updating

Some of the hardest hit sectors are anything to do with travel and leisure, transportation, hospitality, automotive, and real estate
other sectors like online buying marketplaces, delivery services, food manufacturers and retailers, and of course anything and everything healthcare
are seeing substantial growth and present the current best opportunities for jobs and employment, in any of their business departments.

We here at Joberator will also be assigning resources to integrate the Covid 19 ‘Still Hiring Companies list’ into our core system of the Worlds Best Companies which will make it very quick and easy for you to find all their contact details and appropriate hiring personnel.

During these unprecedented times please stay safe, keep active, and stay positive as there are still some great opportunities out there.