Joberator is powered by recruitment market intelligence and an open concept search platform, to help STEM professionals and graduates
find great careers and get hired, faster.

About Us

We're a US company with offices in California and Florida, and a diverse team encompassing recruitment and career development specialists, executives and entrepreneurs, researchers, analysts, data scientists and more, that bring a unique perspective and wealth of combined knowledge to help our members achieve their goals.

From day one we took a different approach with a fresh mentality to most - to identify and evaluate the most important challenges that both job seekers and businesses face during the search and recruitment cycle - then create effective and efficient solutions that solve the challenges on both sides of the fence.

We're a team of passionate people who love what we do and we're always motivated and inspired to explore, find, and create new innovative ways to help our members. We come to the office to work hard, but we're human just like you and we also enjoy our life, families, friends, and hobbies.

Our goals have always been the same: put our members and customers first, provide the best solutions in the industry, do exceptional work and have fun doing it, be honest and transparent... and always keep improving.

We're much more than a 'job site'

We integrate Employment Market Intelligence and proprietary matching and ranking solutions that create a strategically focused and high target streamlined path to guide job seekers straight to their Top 20% / Best hiring opportunities, first (without having to waste time searching through the 80% of job-clutter).

After over 2 years extensive R&D (and Patent Filings) we finally launched HI 360 which is the first of it's kind High-Demand-Hiring-Opportunity powered search-match-rank system, that seemlessly integrates an open concept 360 view into overall employment opportunities, prospects and multi-application options.

By anlyzing companies hiring volume, hiring difficulty, hiring trends, and growth projections for skills; Joberator can, to the current highest level of accuracy, help to predict and structure a job seekers best search path through to hiring success, in mimimal time.

"It's probably the closest thing to having a team of virtual researchers, job analysts, recruiters and headhunters - continually searching, finding, analyzing, matching and high opportunity ranking the most suitable companies and employment positions for a job seeker to apply to for maximum hiring potential."

HI 360 takes the traditional one-dimensional job 'search' to a completely new level, significantly accelerating, improving and simplifying the complete search-to-find-to-hired process for job seekers through unique multi-dimensional and multi-functional integrated systems.

Through extensive nationwide market intelligence, millions of employment data insights, advanced technology and unique algorithms, Joberator can accurately predict and pinpoint the top 20% of companies and positions a job seeker should apply to for increased and maximum hiring opportunities. Saving 80% of time searching the mass, fragmented, and unstructured job site market.

Joberator's advanced technology employment search and recruitment solutions help to empower many leading job sites, employers recruitment sites, and University career centers, throughout the world.

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